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The UN's plan to control local communities - Agenda 21

harrisonohadmin | 21 June, 2011 20:37

If you have been listening to Glenn Beck recently, he had a show on Agenda 21 and how the UN is  planning to transform the local communities to get it's agenda fulfilled. Click here for information on Agenda 21
If you have been attending our local Harrison Tea Party meetings, you know that our focus and the reason we started our group has been to bring our community together. We believe that the key for us to keep our liberties is for people to be in control of their local communities. We need to get involved and stay involved in our local council and township meetings and be aware of what decisions they are making. Their decisions affect each one of us either directly by controlling what we can do with our property or indirectly by making decisions about how   our taxes will be used.                   

 If you look at our recent blogs you will see that the Harrison city council didn't like when the public started showing up at the council meetings and started to ask questions.They had to create an order so citizens only get a few minutes to speak and it's not being video taped so that the community can see. I guess the citizens got in the way of the council using he meetings as a campaign for re-election. Then, there was the Crosby township trustee being interviewed on 55 WKRC about how the city of Harrison is trying to annex all of the townships surrounding them. If you live in the city of Harrison or any of the surrounding townships you should be aware that the city is running new water and sewer lines into the townships. At that point the EPA set  requirements so that the home owners to hook up to city water and sewer, even if they have an approved septic and cystern. Before the property owner can hook up to the city water and  sewer the city of Harrison requires that they allow their property tobe annexed, at the time the property owner then has to pay a 1% wage tax to the city of Harrison. We need to stay alert and involved. Agenda 21 is just the big picture of what will happen once they get everyone at the local level to buy into all of this environmental regulations, in the name of "saving the planet" and once the people are willing to give up their liberties for international law. The John Birch society has a great article explaining the UN plan for communities. Click here to read the John Birch Article  In the article it tells about a "piecemial implementation of Agenda 21 through ICLEI", this program was launched in 1990 and is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. The article states; "it is one of many Non-GovenmentalOrganizations operating in association with the United Nations."
"ICLEI’s website openly admits that its Local Agenda 21 Model Communities Program will “aid local governments in implementing Chapter 28 of Agenda 21, the global action plan for sustainable development.”
Former Clinton administration adviser J. Gary Lawrence later worried that there might be some who discover that the ICLEI effort constitutes “an attack on the power of the nation-state.” At a seminar in England, he told a British audience,
The segment of our society who fear “one-world government” and a UN invasion of the United States through which our individual freedoms might be stripped away would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined [in our effort.] So, we’ll call our processes something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management, smart growth."

So, after reading this article I looked up the members of ICLEI and I found Cincinnati, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio are members of this organization. Click here to view the members list for yourself There are 565 United States cities who are members of ICLEI. The article also states: "More than 35,000 government officials, diplomats, environmental activists, and journalists journeyed to the UN’s 1992 extravaganza in Brazil. In country after country, achieving the goal contained in Agenda 21 has now proceeded in “piecemeal” fashion. The deceptively labeled steps leading to the overall goal usually fall under the label “sustainable development.” But they also appear under such appealing terms as “save the earth,” “biodiversity,” “environmental justice,” etc. Implementation of Agenda 21 at the local level also appears as “Smart Growth Initiatives,”
“Resilient Cities,” “Regional Visioning Projects,” and a host of titles employing the word “Green.”

I looked up some of these "catch phrases" as they pertain to local governments and here is what I found.
This article explains the  "Ohio smart growth initiative, the steps that were taken toward smart growth and the progress toward a more sustainable world". The article states;According to the EPA, smart growth development includes successful economic development, healthy communities and strong neighborhoods that provide various types of transportation and different housing choices (EPA, 2001). Leading the way toward a smart growth program and sustainable practices, two top concerns for residents of Delaware County, Ohio were discovered: the lack of open spaces and recreation. Other main concerns of Delaware County, Ohio residents were littering, the quality of surface water, and environmental education (Roof & Sutherland, 2008)." It seems that the EPA is one of the most powerful tools they have to implement the sustainable agenda in local communities. They use the EPA to regulate our behavior and in turn take control of what we can do with our property and limit our ability to take care of ourselves.

"Ohio Smart Growth". Click here to read article

Another "catch phrase" that the John Birch society mentions is "resilient cities", and again I found an article about how Cleveland, through "urban planning" is making their city a resilient city. It is called "Green Urbanism: The Global Shift Towards Sustainable and Resilient Cities", this is why I always question why small cities need a community development plan, what is the agenda behind it. When a city or any community uses EPA and utilities to control the behavior of their citizens it make me watch and see what the reasons are behind this.
You can also guess it's money and/or power for somebody involved.
The folks at The Eerie Wire found a video clip of Dr. Timothy Beatley talking about this movement, Dr. Beatley wrote the book "Resilient Cities".
Click here to watch the video  

And last but not least one of the other "catch phrases" was "regional visioning projcts", I found that there are thirty counties in Ohio who are taking part of regional visioning projects and they are headed by none ther than the Federal Highway Administraion.
Click here for information about Regional Visioning Projects - 30 counties in Ohio

Click here for information about the  Federal Highway Administration's program

It is the duty of every citizen to stay alert and involved in our communities. The founding fathers said that this republic will not stand without an informed people who are willing to be guardians of the Constitution and the liberties of the people. If we do not stay informed and involved we will be taxed and told how our money will be spent and be controlled through more and more regulations... Please get involved in your community, go to council and township meetings, talk to people, call your council and township trustees, run for council or township trustee.
We need to be involved to be able to get our voices heard and to protect our liberties.


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