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Alert: Medicaid Expansion is a FRAUD and a pending DISASTER for Ohio

jaygroenke | 07 April, 2013 13:07

Governor Kasich, you really should know better on this one.  In November 2010, Ohio citizens voted more than 2 to 1 to reject the mandates and forced bureaucracy of the flawed and controversial 2010 federal health care law.  The Supreme Court made it very clear the federal government CANNOT force Medicaid expansion on the states.  It's optional.  Expanding Medicaid is a major step forward to implement the health law also known as "Obamacare."  Ohio citizens, arm yourselves with the facts.  Then, call the governor's office and, most importantly, your state representative and state senator.

Find phone numbers for Governor Kasich and your Ohio House and Senate representatives at:

This expansion of the failed Medicaid program makes no sense, and will cost Ohio taxpayers billions in coming years.  The federal government is broke and cannot possibly continue to offer funding at the level they are offering to lure us into the program.  Kasich, an experienced former U.S. Congressman should know this better than anyone.  Once we do this, the expanded government program will crowd more and more quality private insurance plans out of the market.  Many Ohioans will be forced off of their current insurance and onto Medicaid, which is documented to have the poorest health outcomes when compared to other plans. The Supreme Court decision specifically allowed states to OPT OUT of this unwise expansion.  The Governor got it right when he refused to set up a state health care exchange for Ohio.  The only way to rid ourselves of the Obamacare disaster is for many states to refuse to participate with exchanges and with Medicaid expansion.  How could the governor get it so wrong for Ohio on Medicaid?  Get the facts here:

A Fool's Bargain with The Feds - Learn All About the Proposed Ohio Medicaid Expansion:
Downloadable flyer explaining the disastrous consequences for Ohio:  On Medicaid expansion full page.pdf
Flyer black & white version:  On Medicaid expansion full page bw.pdf

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