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Give Me Evidence or Go Away

edbell | 02 December, 2011 13:59

By Mark Etterling

For years the media told us that global warming was happening, but in the end there was no real evidence and global warming turned out to be nothing but a hoax.  The media got it wrong.  During the last presidential campaign we heard pundit after pundit tell us without any real evidence that Obama is one of the most brilliant people to ever grace the earth, but we now know he’s anything but brilliant.  Once again the media got it wrong.  The media attempted to convince us that the Duke Lacrosse team absolutely had to be guilty of raping their accuser.  The evidence proved the media once again to be resoundingly wrong.  Now we are being presented by this same media with the idea that Herman Cain is some sort of deranged womanizer.  Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but I for one refuse to go along with the media yet again merely because they say it is so.  Give me real evidence or go away.
Nancy Pelosi showed the true inner workings of the left wing media machine when she stated that “It’s not the nature of the evidence, it’s the seriousness of the charge that matters”.  By that standard mere accusations constitute proof of guilt if the charge is severe enough and you have a media machine willing to push the concept.  Sorry, but I’m just not willing to allow a media that can’t seem to get anything right to lead me astray from basic common sense when so much is at stake if they once again get it wrong.  Especially when we already know that they are as much an ideological opponent as any politician from the left.  If the media wants to play the part of Tokyo Rose, that’s fine, but I refuse to become a brainwashed useful idiot to their political games.   Give me real evidence or go away.
I’m not here to defend Herman Cain anymore than I’m here to condemn him.  Even though I’m a big fan of his, I wrote these same words about Anthony Weiner during his tribulations and I can’t stand Weiner, so don’t bother trying to call me a hypocrite.  Unlike the left, we on the right base our ideologies in logic and reason, not emotional knee jerk reactions.  We require proof, not mere accusations to justify any condemnation that we render.  Therefore, our collective response to the whole Herman Cain issue should be to give us real evidence or go away.
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