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Tea Party Is Alive And Well

marketterling | 07 February, 2012 11:11

Mark Twain once famously quipped “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” after it was erroneously reported of his passing in 1897.  The Tea Party movement now understands how he must have felt after reading their own apparent obituary in Thedailybeast.com.  After 115 years there are some things that just don’t change.
As much as certain political circles would like for such a story to be true, the fact is it would be impossible to kill off the Tea Party.  Certainly there will be times when the movement will ebb and flow, but what those wishful thinkers don’t seem to understand and have never gotten is that the Tea Party movement isn’t about a candidate, a party, a person, a single office, or any of the other nonsensical brush strokes that we are often painted with.  The Tea Party movement is about an idea, a simple one that is engrained in the very soul of man.  Freedom!
The never ending yearning for freedom is engrained in our sole because it doesn’t come from politicians, nor is it granted by any government.  It comes from God.   It is nurtured at the grass roots level and lifted up to those who are sworn to protect it from above.  Just like when plants come up from the ground to reclaim abandoned structures, so does the Tea Party grow up to reclaim those freedoms once their leaders have abandoned them.
There are some within the Tea Party’s own ranks who have mistakenly believed that even grass roots models need to be controlled from the top down with a centralized command structure much the same way that socialist societies are typically structured.  However, just like socialist don’t understand, in a truly free society the ability to govern must be granted from the bottom up.  It is impossible to be free when controlled from the top down. This is why the Tea Party movement is and always will be a grass roots movement.
The Tea Party movement is alive and well and always will be.  It may at times take on different names or different forms, but the idea will always be the same.  It’s a movement that has been here since the beginning of man.  There may be times when we are the “silent” majority, and we don’t expect to win every battle.  But make no mistake about it.  The ideas that we are here to defend have existed ever since man has existed so I wouldn’t suggest practicing too many eulogies just yet.
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