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May Day Kicks Off a Season of Organized Anarchy

edbell | 02 May, 2012 09:19

Organized Anarchy, on first glance would appear a contradiction, but anarchy is a tool wielded successfully by groups on the left, with the intent to bring media attention and generate fear among law-abiding citizens.  On May Day in Cleveland Ohio, five men were arrested for plotting terrorist incidents which included blowing up a bridge and destroying bank signage.  The FBI was tracking their activities and arrested the group before they carried out their destructive plans.  Although the suspected terrorists went so far as to attach what they believed to be C-4 to their intended target, the Route 82, Brecksville Bridge spanning the Cuyahoga River. 

Occupy Cleveland wasted no time disowning the group and the mainstream media emphasized that these are "fringe" elements, although they were clearly active members of the Cleveland Occupy movement.
ABC News was quick to note that these anarchists don't share Occupy's non-violent views.  Unfortunately, a minuscule number of violent individuals can unleash mayhem on a community. The list of potential targets mentioned by these suspects include; the Republican Convention, the Cleveland Federal Reserve, and an upcoming NATO summit in Chicago.  The actors in this story harbored vicious ambitions.  Apparently recorded during a conversation with an undercover FBI informant, Wright predicted "a s--t load" of anarchists will go to Chicago after passing through Cleveland, after leaving the northern Ohio city "a pile of rubble and ashes" as anarchists in every major city in the country will ultimately be "rioting and destroying each city." 

I suppose there is a threshhold for public tolerance of violent acts.  San Francisco is cleaning up after
30 businesses were vandalized on the same day five anarchists were arrested in Ohio.  Police gave ample leeway to the black-clad masked activists as they smashed windows with crowbars and signs, threw paint and eggs on buildings and spray-painted anarchy symbols on the hoods of parked cars.  Who decides how much violence is acceptable, when enforcement of law is no longer linked to maintaining order?  Will this summer be a neo-Keynesian experiment in proving the "broken window" theory of economic stimulus?  Or is this simply the President's secret plan for moving America's economy Forward

May Day activities in Both Ohio and San Francisco beg the question: Can we assume the FBI will always be able to intervene prior to a successful domestic terror attack?  We can hope, but a small percentage of violent people in a very large movement asks too much of any police agency.  And do any of us want a police agency so powerful and intrusive that they could interdict every potential threat?  We return to the unpleasant prospect of purchasing complete safety by abdicating all liberty.  it's possible that many of our friends and neighbors are ready to sacrifice all freedom for the promise of safety, Benjamin Franklin stated that people who accept this deal will lose both and deserve neither. 


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