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America's Future Resides in the Character of Her People

edbell | 06 September, 2012 10:00

A resolute people of strong character and firm conviction cannot be vanquished.  Recent events lead me to believe many Americans are choosing to embrace the best aspects of human nature.  It's been awhile.  The popular culture and major media continue to wander in the desert of human despair, celebrating vice and violence, while mocking virtue and faith.  But people are connecting with neighbors and friends. They are speaking about individual responsibility, civic involvement, charity and aid.  People are learning, and talking, about the Constitution and the founder's who were inspired by great leaders of western civilization and judeo-christian values.   

Glenn Beck brought 60,000 people into Dallas Cowboy's stadium for an event devoted to Restoring Love and individual acts of charity.  To a person, the crowd realized the people, not the government, can and should do the work to uplift their fellow man.  Amazingly, this is not about social justice or collective salvation, but educating and motivating Americans to courageously stand for the values that our founders realized would set America apart. The final piece is love and charity.  This may be the most difficult, as we have witnessed
division and hate fostered by many of our fellow citizens.  We must approach them with love and convince them by our example that the individual is more compassionate than the bureaucratic collective.

Nothing illustrates better than contrast.  The 2012 Democrat National Convention in Charlotte is a case study in mass delusion enforced by peer pressure.  This collection of groups harbor grievances and seek favor from the redistributive government.  The left eliminates any reference to individualism in favor of collective progress.  They also
attempted to delete any reference to God from their platform, only exposure and public anger forced them to put it back in to their platform a day later over the objection of at least half the convention delegates.

The United States is still balanced on the abyss, but citizens are awake and rising to the challenge of restoring character and responsibility to their lives and asking the same of our fellow man.

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