Jun 02 2013

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Sharing Tea Party Values

This is my first blog link to a Huffington Post article. I appreciate Mr. Harwood’s comments and his seemingly new understanding that Tea Party is about community, about making all Americans free & prosperous. However, it is Susan McLaughlin’s willingness to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS and sharing this important message of liberty – and community with everyone she encounters that I find most impressive. You see, there are many in this liberty movement with an “our way or the highway” mentality. They would rather preach than serve. They would rather replace every elected official rather than building relationships with them and influencing them. You see, Susan’s message received by Mr. Harwood is that of our God given liberty that belong to all Americans regardless of party and that community is where we draw our strength. With Liberty comes responsibility. May this true Tea Party spirit spread and may others understand the importance of relationships & community. Thank you Susan.

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