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Eastern Hills Community Action

  ….With Liberty comes Responsibility. Eastern Hills Community Action Community may be the most important part of our name.  Although state and national issues dominate the media, each of us can have an immediate positive influence toward limited government and fiscal responsibility in our own communities.  America’s founders knew that government worked best when closest …

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Fairfield Tea Party

  Please contact us for more information… Phone: 513-448-0950 x 503 Email: Meetings: Third Thursday of Every Month Time: 7:00 pm (Room is open at 6:00 pm for Dinner) Where: Old Spaghetti Factory in front of Cincinnati Mills Mall 6320 South Gilmore Road  Fairfield, OH 45014   Help us hold our elected officials accountable. Educate yourselves.  Treat our elected officials …

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Harrison Ohio Regional Tea Party

“Standing for Constitutional Principles NOT PARTY POLITICS” “My God! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!”- Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Monroe, June 17, 1785 Buckeye Firearms website: “Many Ohio businesses have been duped into thinking that a “no gun” …

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Liberty Township Tea Party

Our web site is here…

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Northwest Hamilton County Community Action

The Northwest Hamilton County Community Action is a forum and educational resource for concerned citizens and grassroots activists from throughout the communities of Western Hamilton County and Cincinnati.  The group started in spring of 2009 and continues to report on the activities of local, state and national government as well as providing information on officials …

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Nuestra Libertad

Nuestra Libertad comparte los conceptos de libertad basado en los principios que hizo grande a los Estados Unidos: libre empresa, gobierno limitado, libertad personal, responsabilidad personal, los valores familiares tradicionales y que nuestros derechos son dotados por nuestro creador. Muchos Latinos, con grandes sacrificios, vienen a este país, huyendo del socialismo, la esclavitud o la …

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Other Groups

Cincinnati-West 912 Cincinnati Tea Party Ohio Liberty Coalition Oxford Tea Party West Chester Tea Party  

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