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Jan 19 2014

The Rise and Fall of Freedom

2013 Federal Register

Voltaire said, “Man is free the moment he wishes to be.” Maybe the inverse would be, Man is enslaved when his masters convince him freedom is not worth the effort. The desire for freedom ebbs and flows. Can we agree that America’s relative freedom compared to the rest of the world is ebbing?  The 20th …

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Sep 25 2013

Protecting the Voices of Freedom

Robert Small and Cop

A parent recently dared to stand and question a local school district panel explaining/promoting, “Common Core” standards in Baltimore County, MD.  If you watch the video, it is clear this man was physically removed and arrested for attempting to ask a question of the officials about implementation of common core in his school district.  The …

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Jun 13 2013

Liberty Not for Sale

TSA scan

        A guest post by Mark Etterling – cross-posted at Ohio Conservatives Benjamin Franklin was famously quoted as saying “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”.  Those words have never rung truer than they do today.  Yes, it’s true that Franklin didn’t have a …

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