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Gates Common Core Influence

Common Core

  Below is a real-time collection of Common Core resources from Ohio and the nation…

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Education Reform

This page will be up soon!

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** Call your Ohio legislators and the governor’s office to let them know you do NOT appreciate Governor Kasich’s illegal use of the Ohio Controlling Board to force Obamacare’s ill-conceived Medicaid expansion on the citizens of Ohio. **   More information here. The Truth About The 2010 Healthcare Law Did you know… The law was never intended …

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The US has been giving away the farm for a while now.  These are some of the more blatent concerns. The toughest part of fighting the “sustainable community” initiatives of Agenda 21/ICLEI are the local ground up aspects of infiltration. Officials carelessly vote for myriad regulatory schemes aimed at removing freedom from private property owners. …

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