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** Call your Ohio legislators and the governor’s office to let them know you do NOT appreciate Governor Kasich’s illegal use of the Ohio Controlling Board to force Obamacare’s ill-conceived Medicaid expansion on the citizens of Ohio. **   More information here.

The Truth About The 2010 Healthcare Law

Did you know…

The law was never intended to actually become a law.  It was to be a starting point for The Senate to bargain with The House.  It’s poorly written with awkward language and internal inconsistencies.  When the President and Democrat leaders lost their 60 vote Senate majority, they could no longer make changes to the bill, and chose political maneuvering above good governance.  They used their smaller majority, along with bribery and back room deal making, to ram it through as is.

The claim that the law will be deficit neutral has been utterly debunked by multiple sources.  The actual cost is at least double the amount cited during the debate, and probably much more.

Every objective analysis of the law has concluded it will cause millions of Americans to lose their existing employer health care coverage.  Many will be forced onto lesser plans, or even onto Medicaid.

The health care law has been and will continue to be a huge job killer.  Business people know it is a massive attack on free markets, that it limits both individual and business freedoms, that it requires costly regulations, and is essentially unworkable.  This has caused much uncertainty and reluctance to invest in businesses and hire more employees.

The law contains at least 17 separate tax increases that will cost taxpayers over $500 billion between 2010 and 2019 and even more in later years.  It takes more money out of our pockets, and is a substantial and ongoing drag on the economy.  Since it was passed, insurance premiums have risen, not fallen.

In short, the health care law (PPACA or “Obamacare”) is one of the most ill-conceived, expensive, and dangerous laws ever created by Congress.  The Supreme Court has allowed most of the law even though many Constitutional scholars disagree.  For the sake of freedom, quality health care, fiscal responsibility, and economic prosperity, it must be repealed and replaced with policies that make sense and are appropriate for the federal government.  We must elect leaders who will make that happen.

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