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With Liberty… Comes Responsibility

      Those words convey the wisdom and vision of America’s founders and a roadmap for all who wish to restore and maintain a limited government and a civil society.

We each are blessed as American’s with free will.  The founders had no intention of restricting the actions of the individual when writing the Constitution; only to restrict government’s authority against the individual.  However, the founders had an expectation that people will act in a moral and responsible manner.   The bill of rights protects the people from government force, but relies completely on the morality of the individual to act responsibly when exercising their rights.

Our primary task as parents, educators, and grassroots activists is to promote the responsibilities that accompany our liberties.

    The focus of the member groups of Our Turning Point is to share the values of liberty and responsibility with every citizen in our statements and actions, both public and private.

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