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  1. ENLIST Act is No “Act of Love” — May 1, 2014
  2. On Its Fourth Anniversary, Obamacare Blazes a Path to Tyranny — March 23, 2014
  3. The Rise and Fall of Freedom — January 19, 2014
  4. Generational Theft and Unlimited Government – We’re Doing it For the Children — December 26, 2013
  5. GOP Establishment Embracing Progressives is a “Primary” Concern — November 7, 2013

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May 01 2014

ENLIST Act is No “Act of Love”

Army2_dry brush

Members in both parties of the U.S. Senate and House, along with aspiring Republican Presidential candidate Jeb (Act of Love) Bush wish nothing more than to push through amnesty prior to the 2016 election, if not 2014.  In the DC bubble, the narrative is that the Republican Party must take swift action to gain political …

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Mar 23 2014

On Its Fourth Anniversary, Obamacare Blazes a Path to Tyranny


Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act turned four on March 23, 2014, Although the House voted 54 times to undo, revamp or tweak the law, it lives on, even as it undergoes frequent alterations and delays to its mandates while continuing to alter the finances and lives of millions of Americans. We cannot help but …

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Jan 19 2014

The Rise and Fall of Freedom

2013 Federal Register

Voltaire said, “Man is free the moment he wishes to be.” Maybe the inverse would be, Man is enslaved when his masters convince him freedom is not worth the effort. The desire for freedom ebbs and flows. Can we agree that America’s relative freedom compared to the rest of the world is ebbing?  The 20th …

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Dec 26 2013

Generational Theft and Unlimited Government – We’re Doing it For the Children

2013 will be remembered as a time of rapid political transformation in the United States as a second term administration implements their progressive wish list.   Americans are trying to comprehend a government that has replaced free enterprise and individual sovereignty with European-style socialism/progressivism and all its glorious attributes – income redistribution, massive federal debt …

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Nov 07 2013

GOP Establishment Embracing Progressives is a “Primary” Concern

The RINO Quartet

GOP leadership in Washington and numerous states, both red and blue have aligned with big government progressives against millions of conservative-minded Americans who consider ObamaCare and amnesty a toxic threat to their children’s future.  GOP leaders like Senators John McCain and Mitch McConnell no longer pretend to champion small government. national sovereignty or individual freedom. …

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Oct 25 2013

John Kasich Employs ‘Buckeye Bypass’ to Fund “Obamacaid”


Ohio has accepted the Medicaid Expansion Provision of the Affordable Care Act and a 7 member Controlling Board that includes a Kasich appointee approved accepting Medicaid expansion money being offered by the Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS). Legislators in Ohio’s Senate and House placed a specific provision in the budget that prohibits accepting …

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Oct 04 2013

Dear Speaker Boehner: Stop Obamacare – There are Better Ways to Reform Health Care

Speaker John Boehner H-232 The Capitol Washington D.C. 20515 October 9, 2013 Dear Speaker Boehner, leaders and members of the U.S. House and Senate, Our Turning Point, a coalition of Southwest Ohio grassroots organizations, offers this open letter expressing our views on the current debate surrounding the funding and implementation of Obamacare. Grassroots liberty organizations …

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Sep 25 2013

Protecting the Voices of Freedom

Robert Small and Cop

A parent recently dared to stand and question a local school district panel explaining/promoting, “Common Core” standards in Baltimore County, MD.  If you watch the video, it is clear this man was physically removed and arrested for attempting to ask a question of the officials about implementation of common core in his school district.  The …

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Sep 17 2013

Colorado Recall is a Beacon of Hope

A colorado story

Colorado voters reminded state legislators on Tuesday September 10 that they serve at the will and pleasure of the people they represent.  People of the high country were not thrilled on July 1 when new restrictions went into effect on gun magazine capacity as well as universal background checks and laws making it illegal to …

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Sep 07 2013

America’s Future Will Require Civil “Resurrection”


Americans might wonder how historians will recount these days in our Republic.  The “Age of Arrogance” may best describe both the era and the relationship between citizens and the political class.  French diplomat Joseph de Maistre is credited with the phrase, “Every country has the government it deserves,” which is a reflection of our unwillingness …

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Aug 13 2013

Reform by Referendum is a Double-Edged Sword

City obscure

Our fine City of Cincinnati, like many hamlets throughout the country has a steadily growing unfunded pension liability problem.  City Council has a fiduciary responsibility to oversee and provide adequate annual contributions to ensure long-term pension solvency.  Unfortunately, like Detroit, and other cities with pandering officials, wish list projects get financial priority over not only …

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Jul 25 2013

They Come to America

The United States claims to be a sovereign country.  That requires awareness of all who traverse the borders. The country has at least 11 million people, and possibly many more, residing and working in jobs Americans supposedly won’t do.  An estimated 30 percent of these people are from countries other than our Southern neighbor, Mexico.  …

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Jul 22 2013

Cincinnati City Council has a Responsibility Deficit

skyline City

Cincinnati has never had a greater need for competent leadership on City Council than during these difficult financial times. The city is at a crossroads that can lead to economic vitality or long-term financial decline and hardship for those businesses and residents that remain. For decades, Cincinnati has chosen to follow bad examples set by …

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Jul 20 2013

Addressing the Post-Constitutional President

President Obama Takes Questions From The Press During News Conference

President Obama has shed all pretense of concern for Constitutional boundaries; ignoring every limitation on Executive power.  He has usurped powers explicitly denied the Executive branch in our Constitution; From committing U.S. troops in foreign countries without Congressional approval  – to releasing incarcerated illegal alien criminals into our communities –  to non-recess appointments to the …

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Jun 25 2013

Living in a Third World USA

morning over power

The title of this blog may sound like lyrics to a song.  If so, it would most likely be a funeral dirge for the greatest Republic ever conceived in the minds of men.  Prosperity that springs from freedom is being aggressively suppressed by an administration Hell bent on crushing our great economic engine with expensive, …

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Jun 10 2013

Will the “Gang of Eight” Immigration “Reform” Bill Be the Final Straw?

The grassroots and a handful of Senate and House members have led the charge against the current version of so-called immigration reforms embodied in the “Gang of Eight” Senate Bill.  A powerful media onslaught seeks to silence or discredit anyone raising objections to this bill.  Why do we, meaning grassroots conservatives, continue to sound an …

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May 23 2013

IRS Tea Party Scandal is a Testament to Unchecked Bureaucracy

If the United States remains a free nation, it will be a testament to our robust Constitution that allows the people to speak out forcefully against those who misuse the power of government to do harm.  In Cincinnati and numerous cities around the country, tea partiers and freedom loving citizens took to the streets to …

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May 07 2013

President Obama at The Ohio State University

Commencement 2013

The President offered a mixed bag of advice to graduates at The Ohio State University, during commencement at the Horseshoe on May 5. Some of his comments could easily have been mistaken for a conservative, “The founders trusted us with this awesome authority. We should trust ourselves with it, too. Because when we don’t, when …

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