Jul 25 2013

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They Come to America


Dennis Michael Lynch

The United States claims to be a sovereign country.  That requires awareness of all who traverse the borders. The country has at least 11 million people, and possibly many more, residing and working in jobs Americans supposedly won’t do.  An estimated 30 percent of these people are from countries other than our Southern neighbor, Mexico.  Two recent documentaries by filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch present ample evidence of people coming into the country illegally from numerous countries including the Middle East and China.

Aside from substantial economic issues like downward pressure on wages and increased competition with low-skilled American workers, the larger questions include how many people are coming here to do harm to Americans, either inadvertently in accidents, or nefariously, as someone intent on conducting acts of terrorism.  A June 2013 article in National Review highlights the concern, “In 2011 more than 7,500 individuals from countries identified as state sponsors of terror or that harbor significant terrorist elements were apprehended along the southwestern border.”  Those that are apprehended are only a small percentage of the total number entering the country without inspection (EWI).

The media and some disingenuous legislators are hiding the financial and physical damage done to U.S. citizens by those who are here illegally.  illegal immigrants are involved in thousands of accidents (hit-and-run) every year.  According to a report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Study cited in WND, “20 percent of fatal accidents involve at least one driver who lacked a valid license. In California, another study showed that those who have never held a valid license are about five times more likely to be involved in a fatal road accident than licensed drivers.”  Americans pay uninsured motorists premiums as well as exorbitant health care premiums, to cover health expenses of family members who were injured by an illegal alien and for the illegals that receive treatment at U.S. hospitals.  11+ million people residing in the U.S. illegally require health care and they are mostly uninsured.  On any given day, online news research will uncover page after page of illegals involved in traffic accidents, but official stats from AAA or NTSB don’t breakout the stats for illegals involved.  Even MADD is reluctant to single-out illegal alien DUI offenders for fear of crossing swords with their pro-amnesty allies.  Congressman Steve King from Iowa is taking heat from all corners, including Speaker Boehner, for claiming that young illegals are mostly drug mules and claiming that 12 Americans are killed each day by illegals in the country.  It’s becoming more apparent each day that the government is as unwilling to stop potential criminals and terrorists crossing the border at will as they are intent on collecting data on honest taxpayers for for any number of future uses.

Our Constitution assigns the federal government a very limited number of essential tasks, first among those are protecting the borders from invasion.  Individual acts of violence against U.S. citizens differ from acts of terror only in the world of politics and semantics.  Order a copy of the DVD – They Come to America II and draw your own conclusions.

Mr. Lynch will be in Cincinnati for two speaking events; August 19 and 20, 2013 as part of his tour across America.
August 19: The Farm, 239 Anderson Ferry Road, Delhi Twp.
August 20: The  20th Century Theater 3021 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45213

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