Jul 15 2013

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Amazon #1 Hot New Release “A Better Tomorrow” Author Rob Hudson

Amazon #1 Hot New Release: Author Rob Hudson

Finally, A rousing defense of Capitalism!

For twenty five years, business attorney and author Rob Hudson fought for small business owners and the jobs they create.  He witnessed and challenged our federal government’s efforts to harass and, at times, nearly destroy businesses.  Along the way, Rob served as Chairman of various business organizations and as host of the television show “Leading Businesses, Leading Communities.” Last year Rob wrote a book about capitalism which the TEA Party embraced and made an Amazon #1 Hot New Release.  Rob’s book, “A Better Tomorrow: Fighting for Capitalism and Jobs in the Heartland,” chronicles President Obama’s first term in office and the federal efforts to undermine capitalism, preventing job growth, which hurts our middle class.  The book recently won the National Runner-Up Award for E-Literature and became an award winner at the New York Book Festival.  During June the book consistently appeared on the Amazon Best Sellers list.

The book’s website is www.abettertomorrowforcapitalism.com.  For the Fox Business News commercial for the book, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba7lYYd98OQ.  And for a recent television interview in Cincinnati about the book, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP4OM-0O2L0

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