Jul 22 2013

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The Suicide of Detroit

DetroitSkyline_suicide If I go to a restaurant that provides lousy service and poor quality I’ll leave and won’t go back.  There is no logic that gives the owner any reason to assume that I’ll graciously leave my wallet behind to keep his establishment going in my absence.  If you listen to Liberals like Robert Reich they are desperately trying to deflect the truth behind their own misguided policies by blaming the failure of cities like Detroit on being abandoned by the wealthy and middle class.  Yes, the wealthy and middle class bailed on Detroit, but only because they were abandoned BY Detroit first.

We see it time and time again where socialist think they can cure all their economic ills simply by attacking the wealthy.  Time and time again, we also see the same net results of such foolishness.  In France, the new President got the brilliant idea of attacking the wealthy with a new 75% income tax.  The net result was that the wealthy started bailing on France, and much to the surprise of the French took their wealth with them.  In states like California and New York they tried the same thing and got the same results.  What happened in Detroit was just an extension of that same stupidity being carried out at the city level.

The truth is that socialists don’t really want the wealthy.  They only want their wealth.  If they truly did want the wealthy they wouldn’t spend all their time demonizing them.  For their part, wealthy people aren’t stupid.  If you are a grocery store owner and get robbed every day it doesn’t take long before you end up closing your store and moving it to a new, safer location.  There is no reason to expect anyone to stick around where they aren’t wanted or are perpetually being mistreated.  Just ask the people of D.C.  The city council can demand all they want that Wal-Mart pay employees more, but Wal-Mart can always leave and take the jobs they were already providing with them.

If you look across the fruited plains what’s easy to see is that the communities that are thriving the most are also the same communities that incentivizes investment in their communities the most.  They don’t demonize wealth.  Instead they embrace the wealthy who possess that wealth with open arms.  Conversely, if you look at the cities with the greatest problems, it’s easy to see where their decay has been overseen by liberal control for decades.  Obama tried to persuade us that Detroit was on the verge of resurgence.  In truth, the filing of bankruptcy was its eulogy.  Detroit wasn’t murdered at the hands of the fleeing wealthy as Reich has proclaimed.  The truth is that Detroit committed suicide at the hands of liberal ignorance.

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