Jun 26 2013

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Letter to Boehner on Immigration

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June 26, 2013


Office of the Speaker
H-232 The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515


Dear Speaker Boehner,

The undersigned individuals represent leadership of tea party groups within your Congressional district as well as those in adjoining counties. We share a common concern for the future of our representative republic and a growing concern that our federal government is becoming incapable of enforcing the laws in place that mandate verifiably secure borders and deportation of those who have overstayed their visa or entered the country illegally.

More than any other nation in history, the United States has welcomed immigrants in search of a better life. Over the past several decades, however, immigration policy has become dysfunctional. Millions of people who entered the U.S. illegally or remained beyond their visa belie the core principle of the rule of law.

Your constituents have been steadfast and resolute for decades in demanding secure U.S. borders and in verifying that all residents and employees are legally authorized to be in the country. In addition, an estimated 40 percent of those here illegally have overstayed their visas. Americans expect these individuals, some of whom may present a danger to national security, to be located and deported or, if warranted, prosecuted. New legislation is useless if Congress and the agencies of the Executive Branch continue to ignore and obstruct the goals of enforcement and border security.

The most recent 1,190 page Corker/Hoeven Amendment to SB744 is a masterwork of obfuscation. All of the exceptions to securing the border and wide discretion granted to the Secretary of Homeland Security and Attorney General remains. It is a valid assumption that the House will pass a bill that is essentially the same comprehensive disaster that grants a provisional legal status (amnesty) before any concrete border security is achieved.

The Congressional Budget office confirms that the legislation being considered only offers a slight decrease in the numbers of illegal aliens who will enter the country; according to the CBO, SB744 would reduce the future inflow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. over the next two decades by only 25 percent. CBO estimates that by 2033, 7.5 million new illegal immigrants will have entered the U.S. and taken up residence.   Sadly, measures to increase border security or make an amnesty contingent on securing the border first have been voted down by the bill sponsors and their allies in the Senate.  This legislation is flawed and fails to accomplish the very reforms it is intended to address.  The bill’s dangerous policy mistakes include:

• Amnesty, in all its forms, fostering disrespect for the rule of law

• Border Security Triggers that cannot be adequately measured
• Amnesty will cost trillions adding millions of net tax benefit recipients
• Unchecked spending on welfare programs and vast new DHS spending
• Expansion of bureaucracy including several new agencies
• Numerous loopholes, ambiguity and waivers
• Unfair treatment for those who came here legally
• Disregards Federalism and removes authority from the states
• Earmarks and carve outs for special interests
• Fails to achieve assimilation and reduces economic opportunity

Clearly, nothing can be done to make this comprehensive immigration bill workable, especially when the will to enforce current laws are ignored.  There is no political agreement that these two issues should be conjoined on a comprehensive bill that joins border security and immigration reform.

Mr. Speaker, please do not allow the legislation arriving from the Senate to receive consideration in the House of Representatives.  Congress must show the American people that the government is capable of fulfilling the promises already made to secure the borders, verify the legal status of those seeking employment, tracking the legal status of those seeking employment and tracking the millions who remain in the U.S. on expired documents.

The undersigned grassroots leaders are united in our resolve to support a viable replacement for any member of the House that offers support for the House version of SB744 and to bring all resources to bear in finding a primary candidate that shares the belive that a sovereign country cannot long endure both open borders and a welfare state.


Our Turning Point and the leadership of these member organizations:

Liberty Township Tea Party, Fairfield Tea Party, Hamilton Tea Party, Eastern Hills Community Action, Northwest Hamilton County Tea Party

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