Jul 01 2013

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Our Turning Point to Boehner on Immigration

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Immigration Bill Prompts Strong Response from Speaker John Boehner’s Tea Party Constituents

Hamilton/Butler County, Ohio, Monday July 1, 2014.  A coalition of tea party group leaders from both Hamilton and Butler County Ohio recently sent a letter of unified opposition to the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill to the office of Speaker John Boehner, as the U.S. House of Representatives prepares to debate this controversial legislation once it clears the Senate.

Leaders of five member groups of the Our Turning Point coalition produced the letter to voice a number of serious concerns about the effect the proposed immigration reform legislation will have on promised border and national security as well as new promises to enforce E-verify and create a path to citizenship (amnesty) for those who have broken U.S. laws. Adriana Inman of the Fairfield Tea Party addresses her key concerns, “There is no excuse for our country to not know who is coming and going and if someone is here illegally. Yet every year, countless people come to the United States illegally, find work, or possibly, engage in illegal activity. That’s the problem; we really don’t know and a sovereign country must make this the top priority. We must secure our borders first, before pursuing legislation towards a path to citizenship”

Tea Party leaders express the concern of millions of citizens seeking assurances that Speaker Boehner and other House members will not consider the comprehensive bill that may soon pass the Senate.  Instead, they want Congress to focus only on the top concerns of securing the borders, enforcing the E-verify provisions and locating those who have remained in the country illegally after their visa expired.

The entire text of the letter is available at this link.

About Our Turning Point http://ourtp.org Our Turning Point, an Ohio non-profit corporation, is a coalition of conservative grassroots organizations united in the belief that With Liberty comes responsibility. The organization is focused on restoring and maintaining fiscally responsible and limited government, placing emphasis on the civic responsibilities that must accompany liberty in a free society.

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